Fucktoy Finishing School

A fucktoy is not a regular girl, she is a sexual submissive who has no desire to seek her own sexual pleasure, instead her pleasure comes from using her body to give pleasure to others. As a result, most women don't have what it takes to become a fucktoy. If you are unsure which parts of the blog are fantasy play and which are reality then you are not intellectually mature enough to be here (even though you may be physically old enough) and so you should leave. Age and maturity are not the same thing. Everything that takes place between you and your partners should always be done in a fully informed, fully safe, mutually agreed and fully consenting way.

Making your slave wear High Heels for extended periods will, over time, ensure that her calf muscles shrink.  

The net effect of this will mean that if she tries to wear flat shoes or walk flat footed she will feel pain.

She will find that walking or standing on the balls of her feet (as if she were wearing heels) even when she is barefoot will relieve the pain.

Here you can see a slave who has shortened her calf muscles by wearing high heels for extended periods, and therefore even when she is barefoot, finds that the best way to relieve the pain is to stand on the balls of her feet.

This makes her legs look longer, and thinner, and makes her look and feel much sexier.

The Office of Female Affairs therefore recommends you introduce the mandatory wearing of heels for extended periods, to shorten the calf muscle of your slave, with immediate effect. 

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