Fucktoy Finishing School

Welcome to Fucktoy Finishing School, an educational establishment for fucktoys (and fucktoys only, it is not aimed at women as a whole). A fucktoy is not just a sexually submissive woman, she is a submissive who has no desire to seek her own sexual pleasure, instead her pleasure comes from using her body to give pleasure to others. As a result, most women don't have what it takes to become a fucktoy. Please note: Whilst there are elements of misogyny and degradation, it is important to realise these are purely part of fetish play. I do not condone real misogyny, I am an Equalist. FFS also contains elements of non consensual fantasy play, which in reality means “Consensual non-consent”. If you don’t know what that means I would invite you to educate yourself before continuing. If you are unsure which parts of the blog are fantasy and which are reality then you are not intellectually mature enough to be here (even though you may be physically old enough) and so you should leave. Age and maturity are not the same thing. Everything that takes place between you and your partners should always be done in a fully informed, fully safe, mutually agreed and fully consenting way.

If your toy isn't suffering this needs to be addressed immediately.

If your fucktoy looks she like isn’t suffering, or worst still looks like she might be enjoying sex, then you need to immediately address this.  This needs to be addressed not for your needs, but for hers.

Fucktoys are not delicate flowers that dream of being rescued by a knight in shining armour.  Those days are gone. The modern fucktoy is a strong woman and that is why she seeks strong Men to give her what she needs.

Female suffering for male pleasure is the purest, rawest, most natural and intense form of sex.  We did for a brief period lose touch with this raw caveman sex of our ancestors

(See our post "30 Years of Weirdness:  How sex temporarily lost it's way"  which can be found here: - 


but if we look at the animal kingdom we can see the lion uses his powerful jaws to seize the lioness by her neck.  Pinning her in place helpless and unable to escape until he has fished using her.

As it is your perceived power that has attracted her to you, if you wish her to stay interested this power must be constantly displayed when she is being used sexually.  So if she looks like she isn’t suffering, or worse still looks like she is enjoying sex, immediately address this. 

Slap her a few times, twist a nipple, choke her, spit in her face, pin her head to the floor with your foot, use clamps or pegs on her nipples, tongue or cunt  (You can look porn for other other ideas).

Obviously it is easier if you are not using her alone, as other people will be able to concentrate on making her sufferer while you use her holes. 

However, if you are on your own, try positioning your fucktoy so that you are always able to see its face and therefore gauge its mood, for this purpose then doggy style should be done in front of a mirror.  

If you don’t have a mirror you can try setting up your laptop or tablet device and use the camera to display her face on screen, and position it where you can see it.

The important thing to remember is that fucktoys are not like regular women, fucktoys don’t just accept that they should suffer for Men’s pleasure, fucktoys crave it.

I LOVE MY DILDO! It is so much better practicing my gag reflex exercises on an actual dildo instead of using my toothbrush. It is quite large! I sort of wasn't expecting it, to be honest, but I am not complaining! I ordered an 8.5" and they sent me a 9" - called the king cock. Pretty awesome, again, I am not complaining!

I can't quite take it fully, but I plan to practice every day and then hopefully soon I will have a video of myself deep throating it fully. I may do a couple of videos before that too, so that I am able to track my progress, as well as show all of my followers my dick sucking skills.

Why does everyone get one but me?

When you find out you're not getting a rape scene in season 8 either

I LOVE MY NEW RESTRAINTS! I have had them for a couple of days now, but the cute little heart shaped locks came in the mail yesterday. The process of locking each cuff is very arousing to me. I know I am doing it myself, but there is still something very sexy about having these leather cuffs locked on to my body. It is almost like it is making them a part of me.

Another aspect that I really love about the locks is the noises and the weight that they have. The locks really make everything quite heavy. It is a constant reminder of Master's control over me and, of course, I LOVE IT. The little clicks and clacks of metal against metal is very awesome as well - again, another constant reminder that my body does not belong to me. It is Master's body.

I LOVE BEING AN OWNED SLAVE. I really feel that this is truly what I was born for - I was born to serve and obey. The restraints make me feel so submissive. I wore them all night last night - hearing the noises and feeling the weight of everything made my whore cunt wet with every movement. Another thing I could not stop picturing was crawling around on all fours in front of Master. That though makes my clit throb and ache. I can feel, just amazing, arousing sensations all throughout my body. I picture myself crawling on all fours, with Him just looking at me, His eyes inspecting me. The noises of the metal clicking as I crawl, the weight of the restraints, locks, and my leash, tugging on my body - but I keep a perfect posture with my ass in the air and my cunt fully exposed for my Master. Mmm.


I feel amazing! I was so nervous to get them done! To be honest, I wasn't even really that nervous in regards to the pain, which really isn't too bad - I was nervous in revealing my body writing, but I did it! Really, of course thinking about it now, after the fact, I shouldn't have been so nervous. I think I just built it up in my head, but actually having your top off with body writing on you is much different than just posting pictures online. It is something that I plan on exposing myself to more of, because I need to get used to it if I am going to be a proper slave for my Master. Not going to lie the humiliation made me quite wet! The entire experience was just amazing! I am so proud and happy with my new piercings!

Just one more step to being the bitch in heat that I was born to be!

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